Where the pre-wash stage was to remove the easily removable dirt, the washing stage will remove most of the stubborn dirt. As noted in the pre-wash mini guide, we do the pre-wash to help avoid inflicting more swirl marks when we do a hand wash. The best practice in this stage is the two bucket method, all noted below.

Equipment You Will Need
Pressure Washer or Hose with spray head
Two easily identifiable buckets
Car Shampoo Solution
Sheep’s wool wash mitt
Drying towel
Extendable sheep’s wool or microfibre brush for high roof access (optional)

1. Fill one of your buckets with the correct amount of shampoo and warm water - this is your cleaning bucket. Fill second bucket up with warm water only - this is your rinsing bucket.
2. Set-up your pressure washer/hose as per usual and rinse your car to help loosen up the dirt.
3. Dip your wash mitt in the cleaning water and begin to clean your car working from the roof down.
4. At suitable point to replenish mitt with clean water, rinse thoroughly in rinsing bucket.
5. Continue cleaning car with two bucket method.
6. Rinse car thoroughly with pressure washer/hose.
7. Pat dry car with a microfibre or plush drying towel.

Equipment I Use
Bosch Aquatak Go
B&Q orange bucket’s with ‘Clean’ and ‘Dirty’ marked on them
Turtlewax Wash 'n' Wax or Meguiars Detailer Hyper Wash
Easirider Lambswool Wash Mitt
Meguiars Extendable Sheepswool Brush for the roof only
Polished Bliss Luxury Drying Towel