Now that your car is clean, paint contaminants have to be removed. These can be felt when brushing your hand along your car’s paintwork.

Equipment You Will Need
Clay Bar
Car Shampoo or Clay Lubricant for lubrication
Bottle + Spray Head
Drying towel
Pressure Washer

Fill the bottle with undiluted car shampoo or suitable clay lubricant.

1. Cut off a manageable sized piece of the clay bar.
2. Spray the lubrication solution on the paintwork.
3. Softly rub the clay bar piece along the lubricated paintwork, frequently checking for collected contaminants.
4. At suitable point, fold the clay in on itself so that a clean face is used.
5. Continue through the whole car, ensuring that all contaminants are removed.
6. Rinse car thoroughly with pressure washer/hose.
7. Hand wash or rinse your car again to ensure all floating contaminants are removed.
8. Pat dry car with a microfibre or plush drying towel.

Equipment I Use
Zaino Z-18 Clay Bar
Turtlewax Wash 'n' Wax or Meguiars Detailer Hyper Wash
Atomiza Generic Bottle + Atomiza Standard Spray Head
Polished Bliss Luxury Drying Towel
Bosch Aquatak Go